Website design and WordPress implementation for Lena Neuberger.

The website has been handed over and has since then been managed by the customer.

The home page highlights the main treatments.
Small playful details give the website a classy look and make it individual.
There’s also a separate index page showcasing all treatment offerings.
There’s a detail page for every treatment offer.
The content pages feature a prominent call to action.

For the local non-profit organization »Faraja« heißt Trost (»faraja means solace«) I was asked to make a website, were they can publish basic information about the organization and post current news about the project.

The organization was founded by remedial teachers Marianne and Reinhard Penn. With the founding they wanted to give disabled young people in multiple schools in Tanzania a new life perspective. They conduct funding events and support the schools with helping their students in their daily life.

Content Management with WordPress

The main goal was to have the founders manage the site’s content themselves. So we decided to use WordPress as the basis.

The Website design

The organization already had some pretty well designed print material. I wanted the site to reflect this and stick to the visual elements of the print design.

I also didn’t want to use a generic theme, so I developed a custom one.

I loved the idea of a vertical ribbon navigation element.
I used WordPress’ default image alignment CSS classes from the editor and wrote custom css. This made the layout more original, while the author is still able to use the WordPress text editor as known.

Make the site work on mobile

With smart phones coming more and more into the mainstream, it was also important to make the site usable on a phone. Therefore I created a collapsible mobile navigation the makes space for the content on the limited screen space.

The menu was designed to get out of the way to make space for the content on small mobile screens.