The semester thesis for Prof. Rohm and Rose’s time based media course at University of Applied Sciences included an animated logo ident for the time based media brand.

It was a collaboration effort together with Philipp Grünauer and Sonja Kowarschick.

The Logo

This is the logo of the times based media course from Prof. Robert Rose.

The Concept

Incorporating 3D animation, we used a graphical flat 2D style. It featured an animated swarm of the logo signet octopuses. They’re floating around the city of Augsburg passing some distinctive buildings and in the end meet at the iconic u-shaped university design campus.


We used Autodesk Maya for the 3D work, which included modeling, animation and rendering. Thanks to our rigged octopus model, we we’re pretty efficient producing short animated clips.

The rendered clips were then put together in Adobe After Effects and added with some light post production effects.

Here’s the long version (30s) of the Logo Ident.

The clip lengths were given by the educators. Besides the 30 second version, there was also a 10 and a 5 second version requested.